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Spirometry lung function testing is a screening test used in occupational health to determine a worker's lung function status. Spirometric testing is also a diagnostic tool which shows the rate of air flow and the volume of air moved through the lungs to identify individuals with obstructive or restrictive disease. Spirometry will detect the most common lung disease (COPD) more than ten years before symptoms occur. 

In occupational health, spirometry is commonly used to assess pulmonary status including the dectection of abnormalities in lung function. Spirometric testing is administered in combination with a nurse medical to ensure a worker is free from restrictive disease therefore ensuring the worker has adaquate lung function and is able to wear a respirator if required. 


Quantitative respiratory fit testing is an accurate and precise method of mask fitting, using the TSI Portacount. Judy's Safety Company has the equipment and skilled technicians able to test on 3M full & half, Scott AV 2000 and 3000, MSA, Drager, Survivair, and North full & half mask. Fit testing is the evaluation of a suitable fit to a particular respirator. 

Individuals required to donne a respirator are required to have a fit test performed at least once every 2 years to ensure worker safety.  However, it is recommended to fit test employees annually.

Fit testing is conducted in accordance with Z94.4-11 Selection, Use and Care of Respirators and is conducted to ensure that the employee is wearing the proper respirator size and model. 

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Judy's Safety Company also provides respiratory cleaning services. Services include dissembly, cleaning, assembly and packaging. JSC has a 2 day turnaround for respirator cleaning. We specialize in 3M and NORTH half and full face respirators. Contact us for more information regarding our services, 780-589-1544 or email

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