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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Judy's Safety Company offers on site and off site drug and alcohol testing. Our testing services include urine or saliva based pre-access, post-incident, express, lab based, return to duty, follow up as well as reasonable cause testing. 

Express Urine and Lab Based Testing 
Results of an express drug screen are instant. An express test is classified as either a pass or inconclusive. If the results are classified as inconclusive, the sample will be sent to a lab to be further analyzed and results will be confirmed. 

Lab based urine drug screen
Results of a lab based drug screen are generally received within 2-4 business days. Judy's Safety Company utilizes the services of the only Gamma certified lab in Canada for all lab based urine testing. 

Drug & alcohol screening can be used as a pre-access requirement or as a pre-employment standard. Employers choose the appropriate type of drug screening depending upon the company's Drug & Alcohol policies and procedures. 

Judy's Safety Company also conducts oral fluid drug screening as well as hair sampling. Oral fluid screening is a saliva based drug screen that detects drug consumption within 12-24 hours; hair sampling provides a history of an individual's drug use (typically 90 days). 

Judy's Safety Company is also a collection site for CannAmm, EScreen, SureHire, Drivercheck, ECS Safety Services, WellPoint, Hines Health, and Chandler Consulting.

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